Monday, December 28, 2009

6 days = rm 670?

ain't it like not worth it at all?

who cares.

they are all i have.

happy going back home~!

mak, ayah, kakak, arif, izzati, aziz, fellow hamsters and goldfishes,
wait for me tau!

char kuey teow, kek coklat mak masak, spaghetti kakak buat, murtabak pasar malam batu 14.

tunggu saye tau!


i'm going home.
back to the place where I belong.
where their love is always been enough for me ^_^

p/s: there's no home like one u've got, because the home belongs to you :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Something's Gotta Give

Your strength needs you to use it wisely.

Ever had a session when in a small group, people will tell your strength and your weaknesses?
At that time, we train ourselves to be as open as possible to accept other’s critics towards us.

Imagine right now is your turn to listen, and other people will tell you your strength and weaknesses.
Ok. "You’re a very nice person, easygoing, hardworking, can cook well, bla bla bla."

How do you feel when people are telling your good side?
Happy? Proud? Over the cloud? Trying hard to hide your smile and keep humble?
Ok now, your friends are telling the bad side of you. Not a bad side, just your weaknesses.
Again, how do you feel?

Most people will focus more on their weaknesses, as they know that they got to do something with it. Improving one self. “After this, I will do this and this and this....”, in order to minimize their weaknesses.

But what about the ‘strength’ part? Aren’t you gonna do something with it too? Does your strength is only exists to make you proud, so full of yourself? When you’re keeping your mind full with weaknesses that you have to handle, don’t forget about your strength. God gives you that good side of yours to fulfil your purpose of life. No other reason than that. What’s your purpose of life that your strength got to serve? Tepuk hati, tanya iman.

Lagipun, you’re great @ good @ strong not solely because of your own effort. It’s Him, and always Him. Without a strength given by Him, you cant even move a single muscle. Stiil proud of yourself? Remember, He’s always the Greatest. You’re just a small spec in this world. His world.

Allah menawarkan kita satu perdagangan yang sangat2 menguntungkan. Gunakan apa yang Dia berikan untuk jalanNya, ganjaran yang tidak ternilai harganya sedia menanti. Semua alat2 yang kita perlukan telah Allah sediakan. Cuma kita yang mahu atau tidak menggunakannya dalam perdagangan ini.
"Sesungguhnyà Allah telah membeli dari orang-orang mü'min, diri dan harta mereka dengan memberikan syurga untuk mereka. Mereka berperang pada jalanAllah, lalu mereka dibunuh atau terbunuh. Itu yang menjadi janji yang benar dari
Allah di dalam Taurat, Injil, dan Al Qur-an. Dan siapakah yang lebih menepati janjinya (selain) daripada Allah? Maka bergembiralah dengan jual beli yang telah kamu lakukan, dan itulah kemenangan yang besar". (At Taubah: 111)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Mosque

Holiday has started. Unlike others, mine is only for 2 weeks. Though one might think that it's too short, we're not talking about the length. We're talking about the quality of your holiday. If you wasted your time by sleeping all day long, what's the meaning of holiday anyway. huhu :~

yesterday, we went to d nearest mosque to our house, our very 1st time since we moved into this house. Since we're on holiday, so this much time we spend going here and there, including our aim to pray at every mosque in our neighbourhood. :) our first objctive is basically to spread Your words, maybe by teaching the kids reciting Your book first. Secondly, of course to mingle around wit the locals :)

However, what happened was a bit unexpected (we actually dont know what to expect pun). We arrived a bit late for magrib prayer as the jemaah is already dismissed. Dipendekkan cerita, the muslimat was only the 4 of us, no other locals. muslimin also only a handful. when we enter the mosque, all of them went out (as if to allow us to pray peacefully), except the imam (but he went to the other side of the mosque, far from our sight). Huuu. terasa cam diboikot ke ape. Cam lawak pun ada gak.
Finished praying, we sat for a while, discussing about this 'unexpected' happening. Obviously our second motive cant be achieved dis way since there's no other muslimat that we can talk to. About our 1st motive, we're still calculating, trying to learn the culture here. Seems like sitting n discussing among us will not help, we try to catch the imam (the last of muslimin to leave the mosque), to talk n get to know things around here. (padahal selama ni memang x penah buat pun kat tempat sendiri. huhu)

Subhanallah, Barakallah, Alhamdulillah~!

These were the words that he kept uttering towards us, very happy to hear that we're not originally from this land. Besides the fact that we came to this mosque. From his explanation, our neighbourhood got 120 families, only 20 are muslims. No wonder the number of people going to the mosque is very little. Unless when there are taklim or any teachings going on, or the Friday prayer.

From our quite long conversation with him, so many things we learnt. He just know how to put it, teaching us while conversing. About being a true muslim, the concept of istiqamah defined differently by each of khulafa' ar-rasyidin, berbaik sangka as man is not perfect, and many more :) Unfortunately i didnt bring my note book to jote it all down :P

Thanks to Allah, though our first intention to come here isnt fulfilled, but You give us something better instead :) Indirectly, our existence here is known, therefore insyaallah if we want to do or volunteer anything, things will get easier insyaallah. Cant wait for another visit to the mosque again :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

futsal vs football.

mind you, the title doesnt have nything to do wit what i'm going to say.

the last time i touch a ball with my foot was bout a year and a half ago.
playing with my cousins at the field in my neighbourhood.
mind you, my cousins are all XY.
enough to make a football team.

6 december 2009.

outbound. futsal arena. cool.
after a long time,
today it was something new.
playing with people with XX 23rd-pairing of chromosomes,
the vibe is different.
gladly playing without any xy watching,
with the arena is ontop of the hill,
there's a wave of satisfaction.

one thing makes me ponder.
ever encounter a time when one of your teammates retreat,
taking place at the side of the field,
without any substitutes to replace,
with an excuse, "ey dah penat la. duduk kejap la."
have you?
without informing other teammates,
he/she takes decision in their own hands,
without considering what will the captain says.
surely the team will be crippled,
losing one of their asset,
though the 'asset' never realize that he/she is an asset for the team.

other teammates are also tired. it's not he/she alone.
but they move on, keep playing their parts on the field.
without whining, focusing their mind on the goal.
they know, though their kicks & skill might not be powerful enough to qualify them as a prolific player,
but their contributions by making a small kick to the ball do means something.
at least they make the ball move. towards the goal.
while the one who retreat only watch from afar,
the team is winning.
finally, they're celebrating their victory.
at that time, the one who retreat stands up,
joining the cheering team.
but deep inside,
there's a hollow in his heart.
"i'm not the one who make my team wins."
Is dat a regret i smell?

Who ask you to leave the field when you know you could contribute something?
It's you, and it's your own decision.
Your captain asks you to move towards the goal,
but you're the one who retreat.
Maybe it's too late for another game.
The only thing you can do is to seek forgiveness from your captain.

But now as you're reading this,
you're still apart from this game.
wait. or are you the one who's retreating?
i hope not.
lets play our part.
keep the ball rolling.
just do it.

Monday, December 14, 2009

define celebration

13 December 2009

tiada apa yang perlu disambut.

perjuangan kita masih belum selesai.

Alhamdulillah ya allah, subhanallah ya allah, allahuakbar ya allah.
hari ini Kau beri kesempatan utk ku menigisinya keranaMu, di atas jalanMu.
Terima kasih ya Allah atas semangat & kekuatan yg Kau beri,
atas ilham yang Kau kurniakan kepada kami.
Insyaallah, segalanya atas izinMu, Allah :)
hati kami ini hanya untukMu, Allah :)

p/s: thanks 4 besday card n phone call from mak n ayah @ makkah, sms from aziz n izzati, msgs from ayiep n kakak, choc bar from sisters @ hanan, wooden wishes from housemates, early wishes from iqbal n ashira, phonecall from sabrina @dublin n heni,skype call from kuri @ iowa,faiza @ dublin, najah,ijah n kautharians @ pmc,sms from nurus,kak fina,kak diba,kak dib,kak dmad,izza,muiz,adlan,zuhri.meaningful facebuk posts from ayuni,seha,jihan,hanis,hammad,akmal,nik syuk,sabrina,tipah, zuleeza, syafiqjohar,kakzam, faiqah n so many others,juniors & seniors. (x larat nk taip dah.) u guys made my day :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

sparks fly ~

The wind blew.
The grass was damp. Thanks to the rain.
Small Island stood in the middle of the valley,
And there were we.
It was a campfire.
The warmth envelopes cold hearts.

staring at the flame,
feels like being absorbed,
pulled into the unknown world of it.
It was magical.
From the core of the flame to the darkness of the sky,
The sparks flew up into the night.
But it's for mere seconds.
Disappear, beaten by the cold night.
A beauty that never lasts.

But Lord, Your flame will never fade.
The sparks will burn, stabbing the core of unfaithful hearts.
A fire that will never be a beauty anymore.
Indeed, a nightmare.
The sparks will never fade, never disappear,
Because You promised,
The Fire of Yours will alight till eternity.

Safe us Allah,
Because we don’t want to wake up into nightmare.

Safe us Allah,
Because You are our saviour.
Our One and only.

"Those who reject
Our signs, We shall soon
Cast into the Fire;
As often as their skins
Are roasted through,
We shall change them
For fresh skins,
That they may taste
The penalty: for Allah
Is Exalted in Power, Wise"
[Al-Quran 4:56]

"He who created Death
And life that He
May try which of you
Is best in deed;
And He is the Exalted
In Might, Oft-Forgiving"
[Al-Quran 67:2]

Monday, December 7, 2009

6 december 2009. Happy anniversary!

It has been 5 months since the day that truly change my life.
You show me,
"Basirah, what you want isnt always what you will get.
Take this.
I'll see how you will handle this test."

Name any emotion that cross your mind,
that's how I felt the moment I know that my future will utterly change.
Expect the unexpected?
I dont think so.
Unexpected things is expected when you know that your life is truly in His hands.

Away from my closest sahabiah(s),
You put me in a situation that I know,
"my life will totally depends on You."

Tears never will change a thing,
Regret never turns back time.

One thing I know,
strength is with none but You.

Guide me Allah,
pull me back if I astray from You.

Here I am in this land,
trying to prove You
that I'll try to pass Your challenge.
5 years from now onwards,
we will see.

Happy 5th month anniversary to That day.

p/s: 6 December is also Siti Aisyah Hussin's besday. In Dabelin now, growing to become a better servant of Yours. Grant her happiness Allah, guide her every single way. Let us meet Allah, though not here, insyaAllah in the hereafter.
kepada teman2 lain, semoga kita sama2 thabat di atas jalan-Nya. ^_^

saya tak kan lupa hari ni :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Plato, aku dan Dia (pt.2)

Okies. The last post was about Plato's thought, which align with Allah's description of alam ruh and the hereafter.
Now.let's continue.

3) Menurut Plato lagi, dunia ini terbahagi kepada 2 bahagian, iaitu dunia fizikal dan dunia idea. ‘Realiti’ yang sentiasa berubah adalah dunia fizikal, manakala realiti yang sempurna dan hakikat yang sebenar adalah dunia idea.

4) Plato menolak pendapat Protagoras yg meragui adanya kebenaran. Bagi Plato, ada pengetahuan yg sempurna. Ada kebenaran abadi yg tidak dapat dijangkau oleh setiap orang.

* Hidup di dunia sekarang ini, memang bukan realiti hidup sebenar, sebab kehidupan yg abadi tu hanyalah apabila kita di ‘sana’ nanti. Pada kenyataan 3, Plato sendiri mengakui bahawa dunia fizikal yg kita lalui sekarang adalah berubah- ubah, tidak kekal. Namun, dunia idea @ alam ruh@ alam ghaib itulah yg sebenarnya hakikat kehidupan kita nanti. Kehidupan selepas kematian kita adalah perkara ghaib kerana masih belum berlaku.

Kenyataan 4 Plato juga amat menarik. Dia mengakui adanya pengetahuan yang sempurna yg tak terjangkau manusia biasa. Milik siapakah pengetahuan sempurna itu? Pastinya Dia Yang Maha Mengetahui. Ilmu Allah itu amat luas, walau dicatat dengan dakwat dari 7 lautan masih tidak akan habis tercatat.

"Dan sekiranya segala pohon yang ada di bumi menjadi pena, dan segala lautan (menjadi tinta), dengan dibantu kepadanya tujuh lautan lagi sesudah itu, nescaya tidak akan habis Kalimah-kalimah Allah itu ditulis. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Kuasa, lagi Maha Bijaksana."
(Surah Luqman:27)

Still remember about Plato’s Allegory of the Cave? Recall it back and then you will realize that this world that we are living now is just a shadow, satu bayangan awal tentang kehidupan akhirat nanti. The real world is out there, beyond our grasp if we don’t open our eyes to see the real truth. If our eyes are wide open to see the truth, then we will never be cheated by this impermanent world. The shadow.

5)Plato: manusia bersifat dualistic (jiwa n jasad). Jiwa terperangkap dlm tubuh.
Menurut Aristotle: jiwa sbg suatu yg menjiwai/ menggerakkan badan.

*masih ingat hadis Qalb?

"dlm tubuh manusia itu ada seketul daging, jika baik daging itu, maka baiklah jasadnya..jika buruk daging itu maka buruklh jasad itu. Maka ketahuilah bhw daging itu adalah hati".

6)Filsafat secara dasarnya mahu memecahkan 3 persoalan ini:
- siapakah manusia itu?
- Apakah hidup ini sebenarnya?
- Adakah hidup ini sekadar peluang dengan nasib yang melempar dadu rawak?

* tak perlu untuk kita membongkar semua buku2 falsafah yang ada. The best encyclopedia ever was written by HIm. turn back to al-Quran, your life questions will be asnwered, for those who thinks.

Plato, aku dan Dia (pt.1)

For our general knowledge subject module, we need to learn filsafat ilmu (philosophy @ theory of knowledge, and critical thinking).
Firstly, who is Mr. Plato?
Plato or his real name is Aristokles is a great philosopher long time ago, and was called as Plato by his teacher.
How did he got ‘Plato’?
Plato = plateau= dahi lebar. hohohoh.
His thoughts were greatly influenced by big names like Pythagoras, Parmenides, Heraclitos and Socrates.

There are few things about Plato’s way of thinking that makes me wonder, as if he was been given ‘enlightenment’ by the Almighty.

1) According to Parmenides: Realiti adalah kenyataan yg abadi, tidak berubah oleh waktu. Plato menyebutnya sebagai dunia idea. Menurutnya, dunia idea adalah dunia gagasan, yang merupakan tempat nyawa- nyawa manusia sebenarnya berada.

2) Plato: “Pengetahuan bukanlah hasil pengamatan deria, kerana dunia yang kita amati ini hanyalah bayangan daripada dunia idea.”
- kerana realiti adalah bayangan dunia idea, maka pengetahuan kita tentang realiti dunia fizikal ini bersifat kabur. Ketika kita lahir, kita membawa pengetahuan bawaan, iaitu pengetahuan yg diperoleh semasa jiwa kita masih di dunia idea.

* Bila diteliti kembali pandangan Plato ini, lampu di minda saya tiba2 menyala. Pertamanya, saya terfikir bahawa ‘dunia idea’ yang dinyatakan Plato ini sebenarnya adalah alam ruh. Pada pernyataan 1 & 2, cuba kita renung kembali firman-Nya;
“Dan ingatlah ketika Tuhanmu mengeluarkan dari sulbi anak cucu Adam keturunan mereka dan Allah mengambil kesaksian terhadap roh mereka “Bukankah Aku ini Tuhanmu?” Mereka menjawab, “Betul (Engkau tuhan kami), kami bersaksi.”
(Al- A’raf: 172)
Janji yang kita lafazkan di hadapan Allah ini diungkapkan semasa kita masih belum bernama, masih sebagai suatu ruh yang belum ditiupkan ke dalam jasad seorang manusia.Di Alam Ruh. Janji yang telah diungkapkan ini menjadi fitrah kita sebagai manusia, iaitu mengakui adanya Dia sebagai Tuhan kita. Fitrah inilah yang sepatutnya (supposedly) mencorakkan pemikiran kita di dunia ini, sebagaimana yang dinyatakan Plato sebagai “pengetahuan bawaan.”

p/s: My intention of writing this isnt to show off Plato as someone genius or superior. Absolutely no. Let's open our eyes to see that He is true, His words are the truth. whenever we learn something, try not to just swallow it. Think, as He asks us to think.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

: (











"Allah memberi petunjuk kepada orang yang bertaubat kepada-Nya. (iaitu) orang- orang yang beriman dan hati menjadi tenteram dengan mengingat Allah. Ingatlah, hanya dengan mengingat Allah hati menjadi tenteram."

(ar- ra'd: 27-28)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

ada apa pada unta? *salam idul adha*

Tidakkah mereka melihat kepada unta, bagaimana ia diciptakan?
Dan kepada langit, bagaimana ia diangkatkan?
Dan kepada gunung- ganang, bagaimana ia ditegakkan?
Dan kepada bumi, bagaimana ia dihamparkan?

- al-Ghashiyah: 17-20.

Pernah tertanya-tanya tak, kenapa dalam banyak2 haiwan, Allah memilih unta untuk menggambarkan kehebatan-Nya?
Kenapa bukan singa yang megah, ikan paus yang besar ataupun helang yang terbang tinggi?

Ada apa pada unta?

ayat ni Allah nyatakan dalam mukjizat terbesar Rasulullah s.a.w., maka setiap ayat yang disusun dalam al-Quran ni sangatlah cantik & serve its own purpose. Bukan sebarangan je Allah letak ayat2 ni dan disusun sebegini rupa.
Masuk kepada main subject kita: Unta atau nama lainnya, Camel.

Mungkin ada rakan2 bijak yg dah dapat teka,
"mestilah Allah pilih unta sebab masa tu kan dekat Arab. Unta lah yang banyak."
Betul betul betul :)
Setiap ayat yg Allah turunkan, sangat bertepatan dgn latar masyarakat masa tu. Di tanah Arab yg tandus tu, mestilah susah nak jumpa harimau, paus dan helang. Yang ada di depan mata mereka hanyalah Unta.
Jadinya, bila Allah turunkan ayat 17 tu (Tidakkah mereka melihat kepada unta, bagaimana ia diciptakan?), automatically umat yg mendengar seruan Nabi tika itu akan terus dapat gambarkan seekor unta yg sememangnya sudah ada di hadapan mata mereka.
Masha-Allah, bijak sungguh Allah :)

banyak je haiwan lain selain unta kat arab tu. Ada kuda perang, ada keldai yg bawa barang. Kenapa unta juga yang dipilih?"

Unta ni, haiwan yg sangat special.
Utk masyarakat arab, unta dijadikan pengangkutan dan kenderaan. Susu dan dagingnya jadi makanan & minuman, bulu & kulit jadi pakaian & khemah mereka. Pada zaman tu, barang2 ni sangatlah penting bagi mereka :)
Unta ni ada sifat2 yg tiada pada haiwan lain. Walaupun dia besar, kuat n gagah, tapi dia mudah dituntun. Unta akan menurut n patuh, even kalau dituntun oleh kanak2 kecil. Walaupun kegunaan & perkhidmatan unta ni sangat besar, tapi maintainance dia x mahal pun. makanan dia murah & belanjanya pun senang.Unta merupakan haiwan yg paling sabar n tahan lasak. Besides, rupa bentuk unta ni selaras dengan pemandangan alam, bila disertakan dgn langit, gunung & bumi, sebagaimana yg terdapat pada ayat 18- 20. (lihat diagram di bwh)

(sori saya lukis x cantik)

Dari ayat 17- 20, pemandangan umum yg dilukiskan al-Quran mengandungi pemandangan langit dan bumi yg terhampar, dan di ruang lintang, kelihatan gunung- ganang dan di sampingnya terdapat unta- unta. Kita dapat lihat 2 garis vertical dan 2 garis horizontal yg tergambar dlm 1 pemandangan besar di 1 ruang yg sangat luas. Sangat simetri, dan dimensinya sangat seimbang. Cantik kan bagaimana Allah menyusun ayat- ayatnya :)

Hurm..okies skarang kita dah faham knapa Allah pilih unta dlm surah ni.

Semoga kita sentiasa mnjadi hamba-Nya yg berfikir :)

Salam Aidil Adha

* reference: Tafsir fi-zhilalil quran, sayyid quthb.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

unanswered question

what's your say?
i'm not asking for the movie review. no no. bukan itu yg saya tanyakan.
soalnya, anda percaya atau tidak ia akan berlaku pada 2012?
Anda ragu- ragu?
Atau anda yakin sepenuhnya dengan jawapan anda?
Atau ada suggestion tarikh lain? :P
Dont answer it loudly.
He always knows anyway.

For me, this is more like a serangan pemikiran@ mental attack @ ghazwul fiqr. u trust them, u fall into their trap. Bagai lembu dicucuk hidung, apa yang didoktrinkan oleh kuasa2 besar dunia, itulah yang diterima bulat2 oleh minda2 yang jumud dan tidak mahu berfikir.

Siapa kita untuk bertanya2 tentang bila hari kiamat itu akan berlaku?
Allah tidak mahu kita berbicara tentang bilakah terjadinya hari yg pasti itu. Dia mahu kita bersedia menghadapi kiamat itu sendiri. Even Rasulullah s.a.w. pun tak mampu nak menjawab bila Jibril bertanyakan kepadanya.

“Beritahukan aku tentang hari kiamat (bila kejadiannya)”. Beliau bersabda: “Yang ditanya tidak lebih tahu dari yang bertanya “.
- Hadis 2.

Hurm.. kita sedang berbicara tentang perkara yang pasti akan berlaku.
Macam SPM dulu la. Tak tahu pun bila exact tarikh SPM akan berlangsung. Tapi, since form 4 (smangatnye~!) or that january tu dah sibuk2 nak prepare. Itu pun, spm mungkin tidak akan berlaku kalau Dia tak benarkan ia berlaku.huhuhu.

Mereka bertanya kepadamu (Muhammad) tentang hari kiamat, "Bilakah terjadinya?" Untuk apa engkau perlu menyebutkannya(waktunya)? Kepada Tuhanmulah(dikembalikan) kesudahannya (ketentuan waktunya. Engkau (Muhammad) hanyalah pemberi peringatan bagi siapa yang takut kepadanya (hari kiamat). Pada hari ketika mereka melihat kiamat itu (kerana suasananya hebat), mereka merasa seakan-akan hanya (sebentar saja)tinggal (di dunia) pada waktu petang atau pagi hari.
- an- Nazi'at: 42-46.

p/s: Tak penting pun tahu bila. Yg penting, cukupkah amalan kita?


Monday, November 23, 2009

Thank You, Allah :)

Sabtu lalu, hari yg panjang. panjang, sampai pulang ke rumah pun dah jam 10.50 malam.
Banyak yang dilalui hari ni sehingga kadang2 kami berlari macam tak cukup tanah.
Bahaya. lain kali jangan keluar sampai malam2 buta baru nak balik.

10.50 malam. Selamat tiba di rumah.
Safe n sound.
tapi lupa nak ucap 1 kalimah.



Ini realiti hidup mereka. Berbumbungkan jejantas. bertilamkan tanah. berdapurkan arang. Mungkin mereka selamat buat masa ini, tapi pabila musim hujan dan banjir melanda jakarta, mungkin mereka akan pergi. mencari kehidupan yang baru.

Ini permainan mereka. Ini yang mereka kenal sedari kecil.

Di sini mereka melepaskan lelah. Tika bangun, kembali berada di jalanan, mencari sesuap nasi.


Perkara kecil.
Hanya 1 kalimah.


Terima kasih Allah kerana lindungi saya semasa pulang berjalan kaki dari kelas tadi.

Terima kasih Allah kerana buatkan saya tidak mengantuk di dalam kelas hari ini.

Terima kasih Allah kerana beri saya ilham dan kekuatan untuk siapkan assignment.

Terima kasih Allah kerana beri saya kekuatan untuk memegang pen semasa exam tadi.

Terima kasih Allah kerana lindungi saya dari demam walaupun hujan tiap2 hari, angin sangat2 kuat.

Terima kasih Allah atas nikmat iman dan islam yang Kau kurniakan buat kami.

Terima kasih Allah kerana saya masih bernyawa hari ini.

Forgive us Allah, for us being Your ungrateful servants.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009



(Lecture Hall 306, Ukrida, after M knows that B’s father working in public service department of Mlysia)

M: Oooo..ayah ko kerja kat Jpa.... Ayah ko tak boleh tolong2 ke?

B: (erk!) Hurm...banyak sangat dah dia tolong. Turun naik jpa. Tapi tak boleh jugak. Tak pe la.......

M: Takpe takpe.. Ada hikmahnya tu (sambil menepuk2 bahu B).

B: Yep. Betul betul. Kalo tak, takdela aku jumpa ko, pastu dok kat sebelah ko dalam lecture hall ni.

M: heeee ^_^

“ ...Tetapi boleh jadi kamu tidak menyukai sesuatu, padahal ia baik bagimu, dan boleh jadi kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal ia tidak baik bagimu. Allah mengetahui, sedang kamu tidak mengetahui.”
-al-Baqarah, 216.


(on the way to Penang, lebuhraya utara selatan)

A: Kak yang, bumi ni kan bulat macam bola.Tapi kenapa kita tak rasa pun dia bulat? Kenapa kita jalan2 tapi tak jatuh eh?

K: Hurm................. kalau kita semua boleh rasa yang bumi ni bulat, mesti la nanti susah aziz nak lari2 atas bumi ni. Allah memang buat macam tu, biar kita semua leh duduk kat bumi ni :)

“Maka tidakkah mereka memerhatikan langit yang ada di atas mereka, bagaimana cara Kami membangunkan dan menghiasinya.., dan Bumi yang Kami hamparkan dan Kami pancangkan di atasnya gunung2 yang kukuh dan kami tumbuhkan di atasnya tanam-tanaman yang indah, untuk menjadi pelajaran dan peringatan bagi setiap hamba yang kembali (tunduk kepada Allah)”
-surah Qaf, 6-8.


(living room, apartment somewhere in Penang)

K: banyak betul la bintang malam ni.

A: ha’ah la.. kecik2 dulu bukan kamu nak jadi astronomer ke? Suka catat buruj apa ade aritu.

K: haha.betul2... Kenapa Allah cipta bintang eh?

A: (erk! Why so sudden?).. Hurm.. ada banyak reason dia.. Ada cakap kat dalam Quran. Tak silap kita ade 5 haritu kita list out kan.

“Sesungguhnya kami telah menghiasi langit yang dekat dengan bintang-bintang dan kami jadikan bintang-bintang itu alat-alat pelempar setan dan kami sediakan bagi mereka siksa neraka yang menyala-nyala.”
-al- Mulk, 5.

“Dan sesungguhnya kami telah menciptakan gugusan bintang-bintang (di langit) dan kami telah menghiasi langit itu bagi orang yang memandangnya.”
- al-Hijr, 16.


sometimes, we just forget to realize that everything He created is a sign for His existence. He asks us to think, but we are too caught up with our life that mostly revolves around our selves only. They said, think out of the box.
He already said that to us, thousands of years ago.

Human = insan = pelupa, tidak sempurna.

"Ketahuilah olehmu bahwa sesungguhnya Allah menghidupkan bumi sesudah matinya. Sesungguhnya Kami telah menjelaskan kepadamu tanda-tanda kebesaran (Kami) supaya kamu memikirkannya."
-al- Hadid, 17.

sekian, time kaseh :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

I see a funeral today

As I walk back from my skill lab session, I and friends passed through crowd of people.
It’s 9.30 am, and the street is unusually busy.
My friend even said, ”Meriah kan, jalan ni hari ni?”
That was before we saw what’s waiting for us at the end of the street.

I see a funeral.
A death actually since the dead isn’t buried yet.
They wore black. Black kerudung as local said, black celana, black kaos.
They hold flags. Yellow flag, made of paper. Like the paper that you use to make kites. I’m still wondering what the flag symbolizes as.

You can actually feel the loneliness that one will face when you watch the dead being buried deep down in the ground.. The silence of the grave, the hurl of the wind..

At the end of the street, the musholla is full with people, with a van from the hospital. I guess they’re still managing the dead, like memandikan, mengkafankan and menyembahyangkan jenazah.


Few months back, I’m in their shoes.
Being one of the person yang memandikan my grandmother, my mouth shut quiet at that moment. My sister cried a lot at that time. Thank God, she doesn’t continue to help. huhu.. I don’t know why, but I’m not afraid of being in charge. Some superstitious belief said that you might caught the ‘badi’ of the dead, whatever bla bla bla..
but since it’s our relative, why should we care?
Plus, we’re gonna be one of them also, right? Imagine your so-called ‘badi’ keep haunting other people. Funny eh? Haha.


Above all, I remember this one time.

One of my junior from my secondary school passed away because he had been hit by a lorry.
The news came to me via sms. Typical sms.

“saudara kita...(name)....telah meninggal dunia kerana...... Al-Fatihah..”

Al- Fatihah.

Al- fatihah????
How many of us yang betul2 bacakan al-fatihah untuk orang yang dah mninggal dunia ni bila dapat sms macam ni?
Honestly, i don’t.

I told my friends about the news. They said “innalillah..”. Then i just rest the case for that moment.

It’s zohor prayer.
After salam2, one of my friends approached me.

She said, “Bashu, jom kite baca yasin.”
The dumb me said, “Baca yasin? Knapa?”
She silenced for a moment. “Kan junior bashu meninggal tadi?”
Me silenced for a longer time.
Realization and embarrassment nearly knocked me dead. “jom.”


My junior is a guy. He’s my junior and I even never talked to him.

Fine, basirah. That’s what the Bad You said.
What’s the Kind You said?

Your junior is a muslim. Your so-called ‘saudara seiman’ eh? Saudara amendenye kalau hak dia Basirah tak tunaikan. Dia ada hak untuk dibacakan Yasin, untuk didoakan. Baik takyah jadi saudara kalau mende2 kecik macam ni pun awak tak sanggup nak buat untuk saudara awak.

Sumpah, I feel like I’m the most selfish person at that time when I even dared to ask, “knapa nak baca yasin?” to my friend. Tu yang terdiam lama sikit lepas tu. Huuu~
To you-know-who-u-are, thank you so0 much for this realization.
It’s implicit, but it is so clear. This incident happened nearly a year and a half ago, but I still can remember it vividly because it changed my perspective a lot.

Dah tunaikan hak saudara2 seiman dengan kita?

Think our family. Think our roommate, our housemate, our colleagues.

Think Palestine and Afghanistan.

Sudan and Nigeria.

Think of the world. Our relatives are everywhere.

Fulfil their rights, in the name of our God.

I see a funeral today.

And You remind me of this.

Emily Dickinson: There’s been a death in the opposite house..

Sunday, October 18, 2009

the lil kid got hp!

(rondocapriccio ringtone is blaring..... beep.)

aziz: kakyang! ni aziz ni. kakyang cuba teka aziz telefon dari mana?

me: eh? ntah. hanfon sape aziz guna?

aziz: ni aziz telefon guna handfon aziz sendiri tau! tadi baru beli.

me: waaaahhhhh! pakai duit sapa ni? mak bagi ke? kredit sape punye? ayah x marah ke?(banyak tul saye tanye.huhu)

aziz: tak. rm250 aziz pakai duit aziz la. =)

* * * * *

(beep... new msg)

1) kakyang buat apa? (3.00pm, 18 oct)

2) kakyang buat apa? (6.00pm, same day)

3) kakyang buat apa? (8.00pm, same day).

* * * * * *

the fon is ringing again.

aziz: kakyang! tadi kitorg dah jual hamster. anak2 stitch. 4 ekor yang kitorg jual..... bla bla bla.

many many days before, i'm quite mad when he told my mom dat he wants a hp. for a standard 3 kid, why do he need such thing? if it's just bcos his friends got so he also wants 1, duuuh. baik x yah.

now, i'm seriously happy he got his own hp. reasons:

1) i'm the 1st person he called when he bought the hp.

2) other than me, he only texts my big sis.

3) hamster updates!

4) technology close the distance, n we never feel to0 far away from each other.

5) msg aziz sangat comel! ^_^

* * * * *

absence makes the heart grew fonder aint it? . yep.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

you can never kill me

Behind this mask is an idea, and idea is bulletproof.

-V, V for vendetta.