Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Mosque

Holiday has started. Unlike others, mine is only for 2 weeks. Though one might think that it's too short, we're not talking about the length. We're talking about the quality of your holiday. If you wasted your time by sleeping all day long, what's the meaning of holiday anyway. huhu :~

yesterday, we went to d nearest mosque to our house, our very 1st time since we moved into this house. Since we're on holiday, so this much time we spend going here and there, including our aim to pray at every mosque in our neighbourhood. :) our first objctive is basically to spread Your words, maybe by teaching the kids reciting Your book first. Secondly, of course to mingle around wit the locals :)

However, what happened was a bit unexpected (we actually dont know what to expect pun). We arrived a bit late for magrib prayer as the jemaah is already dismissed. Dipendekkan cerita, the muslimat was only the 4 of us, no other locals. muslimin also only a handful. when we enter the mosque, all of them went out (as if to allow us to pray peacefully), except the imam (but he went to the other side of the mosque, far from our sight). Huuu. terasa cam diboikot ke ape. Cam lawak pun ada gak.
Finished praying, we sat for a while, discussing about this 'unexpected' happening. Obviously our second motive cant be achieved dis way since there's no other muslimat that we can talk to. About our 1st motive, we're still calculating, trying to learn the culture here. Seems like sitting n discussing among us will not help, we try to catch the imam (the last of muslimin to leave the mosque), to talk n get to know things around here. (padahal selama ni memang x penah buat pun kat tempat sendiri. huhu)

Subhanallah, Barakallah, Alhamdulillah~!

These were the words that he kept uttering towards us, very happy to hear that we're not originally from this land. Besides the fact that we came to this mosque. From his explanation, our neighbourhood got 120 families, only 20 are muslims. No wonder the number of people going to the mosque is very little. Unless when there are taklim or any teachings going on, or the Friday prayer.

From our quite long conversation with him, so many things we learnt. He just know how to put it, teaching us while conversing. About being a true muslim, the concept of istiqamah defined differently by each of khulafa' ar-rasyidin, berbaik sangka as man is not perfect, and many more :) Unfortunately i didnt bring my note book to jote it all down :P

Thanks to Allah, though our first intention to come here isnt fulfilled, but You give us something better instead :) Indirectly, our existence here is known, therefore insyaallah if we want to do or volunteer anything, things will get easier insyaallah. Cant wait for another visit to the mosque again :)


faiqah ar said...

wahh~ bashu..
nak ikot~huhu

itana said...

haha faiqah.awak dok jauh la. tp ok je kalo nak travel sama2. :)

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