Tuesday, February 23, 2010

theory of knowledge.

what i am about to write is quoted from a person,
based on His words.

the one who has faith does not read with these eyes.

Do we have any other eyes besides these eyes?

Do we have any other ears besides these ears?

Do we have any other means of acquiring knowledge of events?
through sense and perception and rationality
The modern Godless world says "no."
The Quran says "yes."

The Quran says that the heart can see
The Quran says that the heart can hear
when faith enters into the heart
did Allah puts Nur in the heart.
and with that Light the heart can see what these eyes cannot see.
And so now it is clean and clear,
that when the one who has faith can see,
he sees with more than these eyes.
He sees with the heart.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

hear, hear-!

lying in the room, trying to sleep.
Nerves inside this head keep stabbing, figuring some panacea,
and this head aches.
The fume of menthol from the ointment fills the air, clears the lungs.

I stay quiet, struggling to sleep.
These eyes are shut, but the ears wide open. Too proud to allow me to sleep.
I can hear Maher Zain's voice happily played from my housemate's speakers, dogs barking from the opposite house, motorcar engines growling with horns blaring from the main street nearby.
I wanted to sleep. Badly.
Amidst the ache, a question popped.
I can hear them, but will they hear me breathing inside this room? Will they even know my existence inside here?
I bet no.
The dog that barks loudly will only hear its voice. Its own barks fills the wave surrounding it, hindering other wave from other sources to reach its ears. Same goes to the impatient drivers, they hear their horns blaring, but hardly other sound. Typically, the one who makes voices hardly hears others.
But the one who stays quiet, at the very same moment could hear every of it, all at once.

Ignorance is a bliss, but pure ignorance is not.

Sometimes, we're just too blind to see with our eyes.
but God gives us more than just the eyes.
He awarded us with ears. To listen.
Give our ears the chance to serve, fulfilling the duty of theirs.

Let the truth speaks.
and us, to listen.

"Terangkanlah kepadaku jika Allah mencabut pendengaran dan penglihatan serta menutup hatimu, siapakah Tuhan selain Allah yang kuasa mengembalikannya kepadamu?" (Al-An'am:46)

"Ya Allah, jadikanlah di dalam hatiku cahaya, di lidahku cahaya, di pendengaranku cahaya, di penglihatanku cahaya. Jadikan di belakangku cahaya, di hadapanku cahaya, dari atasku cahaya, dan dari bawahku cahaya. Ya Allah berikan kepadaku cahaya." (H.R.Muslim)

p/s: quoted sumwhere: listen twice as much as you talk.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

undefine state of mine

bukan mudah bernafas dalam jiwa hamba

enough said.

strength is with none but Allah.

Allah itu Maha Pengasih.

Terkadang, kita hanyut dalam urusan sendiri. Terasa bagai konflik diri itulah konflik yang maha hebat berbanding masalah lain di luar sana. Mengejar cita-cita yang berlegar hanya di ufuk dunia, tidak lebih dari itu. Lupa, bahawa kita tidak diciptakan sia- sia. Bukan untuk memuaskan kehendak sendiri. Jika hanya begitu, sangatlah ironi mengapa kita diciptakan.

Lupakah kita bahawa kita pernah bersumpah di hadapan Dia yang Maha Agung,

"Allah itu Tuhanku dan Tuhanmu"


Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Bila anda rasa gembira tepuk tangan~
Bila anda gembira, beginilah caranya,
bila rasa gembira tepuk tangan~!

(the rest sila nyanyi sendiri)

Hahahaha.lagu yang lawak.

Not even a single word pun it states 'alhamdulillah'.

O0h, by the way, how are you today?
How do you feel?
Happy eh?
what makes you feel happy today?

your excellent A++++ exam results?

someone treats you a meal? Happymeal probably?

Hear the voice of your love ones?

or for unparticular reason, you just feel that happiness is in the air?

or is it sadness that you feel?

gloomy days. dark clouds. grey sky. wind howls. not even a single light brighten your day.

hold on.

it's more than just a feeling.

just remember,
the reasons that you think makes you happy or sad is just a medium.
it's Him, Allah, that makes you feel happy right now.
He's the one who decides that you get a good result, decided your rizqi that someone treats you a meal today, and moved you or your loved ones' heart to call each other.

every single feeling that moves you is also a 'makhluk'.
created by Him, the Khaleeq.

"What about anger love and pain
And all the things you're feeling
Can you touch them with your hand?
So are they really there?"

maher zain-open your eyes

Only Allah can put these feelings in our heart.

Not us, His creation.
Dan sesungguhnya Dia-lah yang membuat orang tertawa dan menangis” (An-Najm: 43)

Bottom line:

just be thankful for whatever you are feeling right now.
say Alhamdulillah,
bow to our Creator, and the Creator of our feeling.

may Allah grant you happiness,
and may He gives you the strength to accept whatever He decides for you.

p/s: bila rasa gembira, cakap alhamdulillah dulu. pastu baru tepuk tangan ;)