Sunday, April 22, 2012

krispy kreme: tale of a stranger

             The very first time I tasted such indulgence was in Tokyo, few years back. I  vividly remember many people were lining up outside the store in mid winter to grab freshly baked original glazed doughnuts. Such a lively store with lively customers despite the cold evening weather.  My sister said, “Nanti kitorang belikan, bagi korang rasa ^_^ ” The very next day, my brother in law came back home cycling, while bringing a box of dozen of them. 

           New branch of krispy kreme was opened at a grand mall, not far from my house. Before, I and housemates only can indulge in it only when any one of us went to Grand Indonesia (because that’s the nearest store that we can buy it). Today, I noticed that it was finally opened here. With light footing (despite heavy shopping bags that I carry), I went in, straight to the counter and order a dozen of original glazed. Then I realized it’s too many for only 6 of us in the house. Usually we only buy 1 for each person (the truth:  I forget how much a dozen is. hohoho). I changed my order to only half dozen. Then the waitress said, “The price for a dozen is much cheaper than half dozen, if you use xxx debit card.” Hurm, since I don’t have that xxx debit card and I truthfully only want to buy 6, I said, “It’s ok. I only want half dozen.” 

               To my surprise, a Chinese woman that’s in front of me in the line said, “It’s ok.  Let me pay for you using my debit card. You pay back to me later.” Then she said to the cashier, “Just put it in my bill.” I was..... dumbstruck. Maybe she thought I did not buy a dozen because I don’t have enough money whatsoever, but hey~!  A total stranger is offering kindness to me.  With confused face, “Really??’’ was the only thing that I managed to utter. She just smiled. The cashier already printed the receipt. I quickly pull out my money (which is cheaper than what originally supposed to pay. Less than 1 ringgit per donut~!) and pay back to the kind woman. I said zillion thanks to her. 
Seriously, she just made my day. And make me reflect myself on few things.

1. A total stranger offering help to other people, even though the subject did not seem to be much in need. Regardless, she just doesn’t care. She just wants to help.
2. No prejudices! It must never crossed her mind possibilities like
  •   I’ll not paying her back
  •   She’s actually paying more (service charge from the debit card, bla bla bla)
  •   We’re from different race, nationality, religion, and other unthinkable things that can make her assume that I’ll take advantage of her (racist me. Huhu).
3. Will I, like her, show kindness to others like that also? Moreover when our own friend is in need? (hurm.. kalau orang tu dah sah2 in need pun kita tak nak tolong, apetah lagi dengan total strangers. Bukan impossible, tapi macam susah la nampak gayanye. Lagi parah kalau kita tak sensitif dengan orang sekeliling kita yg sedang memerlukan).

So- called ukhuwwah fillah, tapi di mana kita bila kita diperlukan?

Above all, always show kindness to others, to the world. We’re not seeking reward from the world, but it’s Him that we want to please.

Just, spread the love <3

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

alasan tak qawiy

qawiy = strong, tough, sturdy, .....

inside joke kami di sini:

"ey, alasan tak qawiy."

cuba la bagi alasan apa-apa pun, hatta benda yang simple dalam every day life, contohnya lambat keluar rumah, tak sempat buat something, bagi alasan tak nak makan ke apa, nak pegi convenience store dekat umah ke, ada je yang akan cakap/ menyampuk, "haaa alasan tak qawiy." (nada gurau la tapi).

macam kelakar pun ada. tapi sarkastik.

one time tu terfikir- fikir sangat, sampai tanya kat ramai- ramai orang,

"Kak, statement 'alasan tak qawiy' tu, alasan tu yang tak qawiy ke atau orang yang cakap tu yang tak qawiy?"

macam-macam jawapan saya jumpa, tapi satu ni yg berjaya buat kami yang mendengar mengangguk besar.

"alasan tu memang tak qawiy. Tapi orang yang tak qawiy la yang akan bagi alasan yang tak qawiy jugak."


Orang-orang yang beriman kepada Allah dan hari akhirat, tidak akan meminta izin kepadamu untuk (tidak turut) berjihad dengan harta benda dan jiwa mereka. Dan (ingatlah) Allah Maha Mengetahui akan orang-orang yang bertaqwa.Sesungguhnya yang akan meminta izin kepadamu hanyalah orang-orang yang tidak beriman kepada Allah dan hari akhirat, dan yang hati mereka (sangat) ragu-ragu. Oleh itu mereka sentiasa bingung teragak-agak dalam keraguannya.
(at-Taubah: 44-45)