Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Bila anda rasa gembira tepuk tangan~
Bila anda gembira, beginilah caranya,
bila rasa gembira tepuk tangan~!

(the rest sila nyanyi sendiri)

Hahahaha.lagu yang lawak.

Not even a single word pun it states 'alhamdulillah'.

O0h, by the way, how are you today?
How do you feel?
Happy eh?
what makes you feel happy today?

your excellent A++++ exam results?

someone treats you a meal? Happymeal probably?

Hear the voice of your love ones?

or for unparticular reason, you just feel that happiness is in the air?

or is it sadness that you feel?

gloomy days. dark clouds. grey sky. wind howls. not even a single light brighten your day.

hold on.

it's more than just a feeling.

just remember,
the reasons that you think makes you happy or sad is just a medium.
it's Him, Allah, that makes you feel happy right now.
He's the one who decides that you get a good result, decided your rizqi that someone treats you a meal today, and moved you or your loved ones' heart to call each other.

every single feeling that moves you is also a 'makhluk'.
created by Him, the Khaleeq.

"What about anger love and pain
And all the things you're feeling
Can you touch them with your hand?
So are they really there?"

maher zain-open your eyes

Only Allah can put these feelings in our heart.

Not us, His creation.
Dan sesungguhnya Dia-lah yang membuat orang tertawa dan menangis” (An-Najm: 43)

Bottom line:

just be thankful for whatever you are feeling right now.
say Alhamdulillah,
bow to our Creator, and the Creator of our feeling.

may Allah grant you happiness,
and may He gives you the strength to accept whatever He decides for you.

p/s: bila rasa gembira, cakap alhamdulillah dulu. pastu baru tepuk tangan ;)


f said...

gamba sgt comel!

Zuleeza said...

aku xde dlm gmba ni..huhu

itana said...

ye mims. comelkan kami2 :)

no intention to left nyone's just dat dis photo doesnt show my it's selected. at d same time, it depicts happiness dats in the air :)

Mitch said...

good post.. hehe

itana said...

timekaseh helmi :)
may it be a good reminder for us :)

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