Wednesday, December 16, 2009

futsal vs football.

mind you, the title doesnt have nything to do wit what i'm going to say.

the last time i touch a ball with my foot was bout a year and a half ago.
playing with my cousins at the field in my neighbourhood.
mind you, my cousins are all XY.
enough to make a football team.

6 december 2009.

outbound. futsal arena. cool.
after a long time,
today it was something new.
playing with people with XX 23rd-pairing of chromosomes,
the vibe is different.
gladly playing without any xy watching,
with the arena is ontop of the hill,
there's a wave of satisfaction.

one thing makes me ponder.
ever encounter a time when one of your teammates retreat,
taking place at the side of the field,
without any substitutes to replace,
with an excuse, "ey dah penat la. duduk kejap la."
have you?
without informing other teammates,
he/she takes decision in their own hands,
without considering what will the captain says.
surely the team will be crippled,
losing one of their asset,
though the 'asset' never realize that he/she is an asset for the team.

other teammates are also tired. it's not he/she alone.
but they move on, keep playing their parts on the field.
without whining, focusing their mind on the goal.
they know, though their kicks & skill might not be powerful enough to qualify them as a prolific player,
but their contributions by making a small kick to the ball do means something.
at least they make the ball move. towards the goal.
while the one who retreat only watch from afar,
the team is winning.
finally, they're celebrating their victory.
at that time, the one who retreat stands up,
joining the cheering team.
but deep inside,
there's a hollow in his heart.
"i'm not the one who make my team wins."
Is dat a regret i smell?

Who ask you to leave the field when you know you could contribute something?
It's you, and it's your own decision.
Your captain asks you to move towards the goal,
but you're the one who retreat.
Maybe it's too late for another game.
The only thing you can do is to seek forgiveness from your captain.

But now as you're reading this,
you're still apart from this game.
wait. or are you the one who's retreating?
i hope not.
lets play our part.
keep the ball rolling.
just do it.


aisyah ismail said...

thanks for the reminder. liking it!~

and insyaallah.. moga sama2 terus istiqamah!~


barakallahufik ukhti

iman ka said...

true.. :)

itana said...

to aisyah n iman,
yep insyaallah kita akan terus thabat di atas jalanNya.
whenever we feel down or losing hope,
just remember that we should never retreat as He is always there for us :)

hepi holiday smua ^^

Nurkeindahan said...

just do it!!

i loike~~ ^^

itana said...

ye ad :)
berjihadlah kamu dgn rasa ringan mahupun berat :)

= just do it ^^

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