Monday, December 28, 2009

6 days = rm 670?

ain't it like not worth it at all?

who cares.

they are all i have.

happy going back home~!

mak, ayah, kakak, arif, izzati, aziz, fellow hamsters and goldfishes,
wait for me tau!

char kuey teow, kek coklat mak masak, spaghetti kakak buat, murtabak pasar malam batu 14.

tunggu saye tau!


i'm going home.
back to the place where I belong.
where their love is always been enough for me ^_^

p/s: there's no home like one u've got, because the home belongs to you :)


iman ka said...

bashu, rm670 okay lagi.. :)
aritu i checked the flight tickets to msia for next summer around 600+ pounds. adeyhh. and that was from emirates. mas punya lagi mahal. around 700+..and then gelak2 dengan arina saying i din manage to get much cheaper tickets next year..might consider not going back home at all XD.

hope you enjoy your trip back home :DD

iman ka said...

*if i didn't

itana said...

lor iman. u din check other airlines? if not mistaken, KLM is quite cheap (don know wther the price is more xpnsive by dis time.
no worries iman. kalo xlik mlysia, sila jalan2 tour europe lg eh :)

syifa' said...

dah sampai ek..

slamat bekerja dsana..
ktorg pun kena cari kerja kat sini..
spy our level of eeman x berkurang lepas prog..

so, kena sibukkan diri...

itana said...

so true syifa' @ ashira :)
moga trus thabat :)

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