Tuesday, December 8, 2009

sparks fly ~

The wind blew.
The grass was damp. Thanks to the rain.
Small Island stood in the middle of the valley,
And there were we.
It was a campfire.
The warmth envelopes cold hearts.

staring at the flame,
feels like being absorbed,
pulled into the unknown world of it.
It was magical.
From the core of the flame to the darkness of the sky,
The sparks flew up into the night.
But it's for mere seconds.
Disappear, beaten by the cold night.
A beauty that never lasts.

But Lord, Your flame will never fade.
The sparks will burn, stabbing the core of unfaithful hearts.
A fire that will never be a beauty anymore.
Indeed, a nightmare.
The sparks will never fade, never disappear,
Because You promised,
The Fire of Yours will alight till eternity.

Safe us Allah,
Because we don’t want to wake up into nightmare.

Safe us Allah,
Because You are our saviour.
Our One and only.

"Those who reject
Our signs, We shall soon
Cast into the Fire;
As often as their skins
Are roasted through,
We shall change them
For fresh skins,
That they may taste
The penalty: for Allah
Is Exalted in Power, Wise"
[Al-Quran 4:56]

"He who created Death
And life that He
May try which of you
Is best in deed;
And He is the Exalted
In Might, Oft-Forgiving"
[Al-Quran 67:2]


IkaZainol said...

bashu!! i never knew u had a blog! waaah. best2. hehe
keep on writing ur thoughts, it inspires others. sayang ko bashu!
hepy bday juge> nk wish skali lagi. hehe <3

itana said...

alhamdulillah zulaikha :)
it wasnt dat long i got dis belog. got d courage when i'm already here. timekaseh byk2 wish saye byk kali :) sayang ko juge. dan spongebob anda ;)

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