Monday, December 7, 2009

6 december 2009. Happy anniversary!

It has been 5 months since the day that truly change my life.
You show me,
"Basirah, what you want isnt always what you will get.
Take this.
I'll see how you will handle this test."

Name any emotion that cross your mind,
that's how I felt the moment I know that my future will utterly change.
Expect the unexpected?
I dont think so.
Unexpected things is expected when you know that your life is truly in His hands.

Away from my closest sahabiah(s),
You put me in a situation that I know,
"my life will totally depends on You."

Tears never will change a thing,
Regret never turns back time.

One thing I know,
strength is with none but You.

Guide me Allah,
pull me back if I astray from You.

Here I am in this land,
trying to prove You
that I'll try to pass Your challenge.
5 years from now onwards,
we will see.

Happy 5th month anniversary to That day.

p/s: 6 December is also Siti Aisyah Hussin's besday. In Dabelin now, growing to become a better servant of Yours. Grant her happiness Allah, guide her every single way. Let us meet Allah, though not here, insyaAllah in the hereafter.
kepada teman2 lain, semoga kita sama2 thabat di atas jalan-Nya. ^_^

saya tak kan lupa hari ni :)


z.shin said...

dabelin? haha.. :P

-org kok-

ecah said...

basu, jgn kawan ngan org kok

itana said...
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Mitch said...

likes this post~~~ ^^

z.shin said...


org dabelin sombong...


Mitch said...

itu shin ke???

itana said...
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IkaZainol said...

bashu kuat. =)

itana said...

define kuat ;)

strength is with none but HIm.
jom sama2 jadi kuat :)

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