Saturday, October 17, 2009

you can never kill me

Behind this mask is an idea, and idea is bulletproof.

-V, V for vendetta.


adlan wafi said...

since this is ur 1st post, i shall comment here, all the best bashu for ur blog!!!

itana said...

terima kasih incik adlan~! =)

Anonymous said...

sorry 2 hear dat u cnt fly over 2 dz side of globe. kalo x sure ko bole join tgok fireworks tym guy fawkes nyte. haha

btw, ak still rs inappropriate ko jrit tgh alam ckp ak gmok bashu. x prlu. siyesly. u shudve told me smtg i dnt noe.

gd luck.

itana said...

adoii la. ni msti kwn yg saya jumpe time btn dulu kan?? waaaaaaaaaaa sori amat. i'm just.. surprised. siyesly weh. no hidden meaning :(

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