Sunday, December 29, 2013

The silence is too loud

Giving more time to think, to reevaluate, reorganise, re-everything.

When silence is deafening,
When their happy is too loud,
When the mind keeps running and running,

Just remember Him.
You should not feel alone.

Occupying one's thought with something is better than nothing.
Occupying it with meaningful things is better than pessimism.
Occupying it with Him is better than any other things.

Seriously basirah.

Get up and move.


Anonymous said...

i miss the old bashu
thats not means bashu berubah, but i miss the bashu b4 she having coas life
the old bashu taught me a lot in tarbiyah
but now seems like i oredy lost the bashu
i know coas is the hectic life u never thought to live in it b4, but anyway that life took u away from us


itana said...

Jazakillahu khair for the beautiful reminder. Jom doa for us all eh. Nak tsabat sampai syurga kat jalan ni...sob sob.

itana said...

And oh!my dear sister.if you think the life took me away, please please pull me back.

syifa' said...

Huuu... it is just a matter of time and place, and it is a preparation yg Allah nak prepare bashu pd masa hadapan yg kita x tahu keperluan dnt.. i believe dat. N x lain juga dlmnya pasti berupa ujian.. but our ruuh are always interconnected and strong as long as Allah is our ghayah. Miss bashu juga. Tp tarbiyah Allah lbh penting dr bersama sec jasadi..

While, about the makin mencair tarbiyah yg kita rasakan itu.. jgn hiasi lg dgn futur.. apakah jija rasulullah meninggal kita akan berbalik ke belakang?

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