Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Of death

Salam alaik.

Revolving in hospitals for nearly a year right now.
ICUs, emergency units, operation theatres.
Old people, adolescents, babies.

Social networks sure make news travel fast.
She's in a comma, he's involved in traffic accident.
She's found dead, he's in stage 4 of cancer.
Young age never be a warantee.

Seeing, hearing, knowing.
sometimes thought crosses our mind that we dont wanna die like this, like that.
But we'll never be sure of how we gonna die.

"we all gonna die.whether it's by apache, or cardiac disease. I prefer the apache", said a figure.

By probability stated by a person, "we're going to die while doing things that we usually do."

Ye la. Kalau 24 jam main game, of course probability tinggi utk mati time main game.
Kalau 24 jam travelling, so it's while travelling la kan.
And so forth.

Kita abid, kita khalifah.
If kita tengah buat what we supposed to do, so that's it.

Above all, let's pray for husnul khatimah.
Tapi, our daily lives to kene make sure betul la kan.

P/s: it's been ages since last post. Ada kat instagram anyway.


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