Tuesday, July 5, 2011

be a pro.

Professional (adj)


  • Excellent manual/practical and literary skills in relation to profession
  • A high standard of professional ethics, behavior and work activities while carrying out one's profession. Often the professional is required to put the interest of the client ahead of his own interests.
  • Reasonable work morale and motivation. Having interest and desire to do a job well as holding positive attitude towards the profession are important elements in attaining a high level of professionalism.

kenapa saya tulis pasal professional?

maybe many might narrow this down only in terms of career ie; doctors, engineers, lawyers, etc.

since we should expand our paradigm much, please see this in terms of our purpose of life.

a professional dai'e will never put his own interest first. they will think of anything, everything, to sacrifice (tadhiyah) whatever they can, because they know, He'll be the one who'll reward them.
a professional dai'e will put all of their effort to reach the aim, with high spirit and motivation. they dont want to be weak-hearted (read: futur) because they know, other's are running/ struggling/ sacrifing to reach His redha.
they will not be affected by what others said, because of their strong will and high spirit (read: himmah aliyah).

“Maka, berikanlah peringatan (Wahai Muhammad, kepada manusia, dan janganlah berdukacita kiranya ada yang menolaknya), kerana sesungguhnya engkau hanyalah pemberi ingatan. Bukanlah engkau seorang yang berkuasa memaksa mereka (menerima ajaran Islam yang engkau sampaikan itu). Akan tetapi, sesiapa yang berpaling (dari kebenaran) serta kufur ingkar... Maka Allah akan menyeksanya dengan azab seksa yang sebesar-besarnya.” (Surah Al-Ghasyiyah : 21-24)

be a pro.

not a mere muslim.


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