Sunday, July 24, 2011

He'll listen to you

He'll listen to you


He's listening you


there are days when things are not going our way, things being bad as bad as it can be, things are messing up with our-already-messedup mind, things just making us feeling low.

through those time,

there's always small voices in our hearts, saying,
"How i wish things will turn up to be like this or like this or like this,"
"How i wish things are easier, bla bla bla"

there's so many hopes and dreams flowing inside our selves,
sometimes they keep streaming in our head unconsciously,
without us telling them in our prayers.
but sometimes we just couldnt voice it out loud because they're sometimes looked absurd, not realistic.


Allah Maha Mendengar.

He'll listen to you, to your prayer, to your wishes.

He never misses even a heartbeat.

If you strongly pray for a thing, He'll grant it, one way or the other.

trust Him,

lay your hopes in Him.

then you'll find peace in your heart.


He'll always listen to you,

like no one other.

kadang- kadang, terharu sangat sampai mata berkaca-kaca bila tersedar,
'rupanya Allah dengar je apa yg aku mintak selama ni.'
eventhough tak tadah tangan utk doa betul- betul for that particular thing.

teruknya saya.

lupa kat Ilah, Rabb, Malik saya sendiri.

doa tu senjata mukmin. ingat tu.

dan yakin, Allah sentiasa dengarkan kita :)


z.shin said...

salam alayk...

post ni sgt terkena with my position right now...

keep up with the entries, as it keep touching and moves the heart of people who read it. :)

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