Thursday, January 27, 2011

life = crossing roads

our life is like crossing a road.

we know that we have to cross the road to reach the other side.

be it by bridge, be it by zebra crossing, be it by flyover, we have to cross the road be it one way or the other.

when we turn our head away from the path that we want to take, we might miss the chance to cross the road in a split second. when the chance comes, we need to quickly cross the road. if not, when it passed you by without you grabbing it, you will be left standing alone, at the same spot where you are standing, without moving an inch forward.
or worst, when you miscalculate it, you will be hit and this will affect you throughout your whole life.
be it physically, or mentally.

life is like crossing a road.

look around you.
search for the chance.
cross it quickly.
because you dont want to be the one who's left behind.
dont wait for too long
because you never know when the next chance will comes to you.

“Jika datang kepada kalian petunjuk dari-Ku, maka barangsiapa yang mengikuti petunjuk-Ku, ia tidak akan sesat dan tidak akan celaka. Barangsiapa yang berpaling dari peringatan-Ku, maka sesungguhnya baginya penghidupan yang sempit, dan Kami akan menghimpunkannya pada hari kiamat dalam keadaan buta". (QS. Thaha:123-124).

fastabiqul khairat.
never hesitate.


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suka post ni..
keep on writing dear~

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@ tiqah: jazakillah khair again :)

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