Tuesday, February 8, 2011

sorry = the hardest word?

then Thank You is the second.

while some might seem so kind, sincere, nice towards others, but it is 'thank you' that's hard for them to say when others are kind, sincere and nice towards them.

while others appreciate your doings, saying countless thank you to you, wont you do the same towards others?
some choose who they want to say it to.
but that's not good enough.
because in our daily life, there's many more people that we encounter each and every day.
be it the guards in your neighbourhood, the shopkeeper, lecturers, bus conductors and even taxi drivers.

wont you at least say thank you to them?
for example, the taxi driver.
though he might be mad while driving because of the traffic, dont give you enough change, dont greet you when you entered the car, but at least he makes you arrived at your destination, safe and sound.
wont you at least say thank you to him?

though they seem that they didnt care much whether you understand their lessons or not, seems like they're suycking your money by asking you to pay for many things, discriminate between citizenship etc, but inside, they still wanna teach you, rushing from other university to your uni just to spend 100 minutes to teach you everytime.
dont whine. wont you at least say thank you to them?

saya sangat2 ingat apa yang seorang sister ni share waktu jumpa kat program hari tu.
she studied in UK, already back for good. akak ni compare, betapa kat negara2 yang tidak meletakkan Islam sebagai agama rasmi itu lebih bersikap islami dari orang2 yg berada di so-called negara islam ni. bila dia keluar every morning, even pakcik yg sapu sampah kat tepi jalan pun greet dia good morning, regardless of her hijab, citizenship or whatever barrier you might think of. everyday, people talk nicely, greet each other. bila balik ngr sendiri, heh. macam tak seronok pun.
me myself was amazed when i went to japan few years back. serius tak nak balik :(
sebab apa? sebab suasana yg mana ada orang2 yang bersikap dengan apa yg Islam ajarkan tu memang sangat comel & indah. no other words to describe the feeling.

amal islami itu bukan antara kita2 je. tapi kita dengan orang lain pun.
sebab islam itu buat semua bangsa manusia. bukan umat islam je.



aisyah ismail ♥ said...

thanks basirah for every single thing!

and sorry for all my wrongdoings.

much love,

bashariah.basaruddin said...

yups! trauma tau balik mesia. especially dgn bad services kedai2 provide here. langsung tak reti nk berterima kasih kt pelanggan. dahla suka bersembang dgn kawan2 kt cashier. pastu langsung taktau nk beradab dgn customer. urgh tak suke :p
i believe we need to change our mentality which is still far from those countries like JP :)
and i hate org yg suke buang puntung rokok or sampah through tingkap kete.

itana said...

sape eh :) ni? nak kene tau sape baru leh sorry2 :P

@ kakak: haha. memg pun. mayb kite masih kekurangan rasa nk menghargai ape yg ada kat keliling kita kot. tu yg x kesah je.always take things for granted.hurm2.

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