Saturday, January 1, 2011


though one stands alone, the roots are many.

On the surface, we may see that the tree is standing tall, as if it’s its own strength, no other factor. But a thinker knows that the many roots down below, tightly grabbing the earth, frantically searching for water is the tree’s source of strength. Neither the trunk, nor the sticks. Though one might not see the roots from the surface, the tree itself knows that the many of the roots is the one who supports him.
No man is an island.
No one can work alone without others’ support, be it a human or not.

Above all, it's Him that grant us the strength.
It's never your own strength alone that keeps you moving forward.
Please remember that.


Zuleeza said...

whoaa...truly a moving post~

itana said...

hihi. jazakillah zue.
btw, you'll never walk alone :D

bashariah.basaruddin said...

wow! Together we are strong baby :)

itana said...

heee ye cik kak :D

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