Friday, October 8, 2010


i still remember that back then in KMB, there's a classmate of mine who tried to talk about graffity in her english oral exam. interesting enough to capture teen's heart i must say.


it sounds wrong.

it sounds terrible, immoral, bad, bla bla bla bla blaaaaaaaaaa...

they paint the walls, they spray the colours, they attract attention.

indeed, i love looking at all those paintings, as if i can read their mind through that.

it may sounds wrong if it's 'tak kena tempat'.

but looking at these, for once i smile :)

these were taken near central market LRT station. everytime i commute there, i'll always wonder what kind of painting will show up there. and truly, this time it moved my heart. because i know, not all of us are ignorant. and some are just smart enough to use graffity to attract public attention. or better put, they know that what they got is what they're going to use to spread the message.

Allah created us complex enough, special enough for this life. it's such a waste if we dont know what's the potential that we've got inside us.


show us what's you've got.


show Him what you've got.

p/s: while people are happy with the syawal, new opening semester, bla bla bla, we shall never forget that people out there are still fighting for survival of their land. (it's our land too by the way).


syifa' said...

xda symbol 4 a bigger smile la..

btol2.. everyone has their own unique way
which can be manipulated for a better, calm and loving community..

sahabiat said...

afwan along tak sempat nak bertanya khabar..
in fact, dah lama sgt dah tak chat sama-sama
rindu sangat2...
missing ur smile, and ur laugh...
may Allah loves u more dearest sist..
selamat berjuang!!

Anonymous said...

selalu tersenyum juga bila lalu situ.
teringin sangat nak berjalan along there..
slalu tgk dari dalam LRT je.

bashariah said...

td kite baru cite kt aziz tentang vandalisme ni. pastu die kate haritu "kak yang" beria2 ambil pic kt lrt central la pic die ek. td lalu kt federal highway. ada org conteng2.the msg was not clear btw hihi. and i was like tlgla jgn conteng kt situ. aziz pulak ckp nape kerajaan tak padam. budak kecil ni pun pandainya skit2 nk salahkan kerajaan haha. it is our responsible. to understand and taking action accordingly.

itana said...

heee wonder jugak nape yg ada kat CM tu x penah kene padam. but then kalo cantik, it's ok la. kalo stakat conteng2 without meaningful message, kan pencemaran namenye tu :P

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