Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Easy sorry

People make mistakes.

Openly, discreetly.

Towards his self, towards a friend, towards people.

Sorry uttered.
Some said it easily. Like the flowing river.
Saying it again and again, but the meaning of the word only ends between the lips, never the wrong's heart.

It is meaningless when it's an empty sorry.

Without desire to be better, without a want to change the situation.
Without any thought of doesnt want to repeat the same hurtful feeling that we cause to other ever again.

A teacher once taught me a hard lesson.
He hit my hand with a thick roll of paper loudly in the class. He walked so fast to the teachers' room, making me running before him. I apologize to him again and again because i fell asleep during his class.
Then he said "thousand times sorry are not enough!"
Thinking hard of what to say in the nick of time, i hold the door which he intended to slam in front of me "i promise not to fall asleep again. I promise to do better during your lesson. I promise to get good result in your subject".
He said nothing, but i can see he's calmed a bit, and he shut the door slowly, leaving me apalled at the school's corridor.
From that day until I finished my secondary school, I do not fall asleep again in his class, and it took me lots of strength.

That was the day when i learn that saying sorry is not enough. It is meaningless when we repeat the same mistake again, because it's just an empty word that we said.

Do not hurt people by just your sorry, because it's going to hurt much more when you repeat the same mistake, and when the situation from before doesnt seem improving.

True, we shouldnt live by people's expectation.
But please, make what we said is meaningful, and sound.

Some will still love you much eventhough they are hurt.
But have some pride to prove yourself worthy,
There is no truer word other than the act of the speaker.

Word, always is coupled with attitude.


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