Tuesday, October 28, 2014

a book club?

the first train passed by without me, intentionally not riding it..

it's so full and I don't have the need to rush  because it's my off day. I continue reading a book that i bring along.

the next train comes, and from outside of the glass window i can tell that it's also full.. the station officer announces that the next train will come unfortunately only after 15 minutes. tired of waiting and i want to go home to see special someone as fast as i can, i board the train right in front of me and get into the women coach.

it's a crowded morning train as always. no empty seat. i stand, and decided to continue reading while standing in the middle of the crowd. jolts from the train don't stop me from reading. stations passed, the train is getting more and more crowded, until i don't even have the space to open my book to read. so i close it and hold it tight, while my finger still wedge between the pages to mark.

someone tapped my shoulder. without thinking, i turned my head and a petite woman smiled at me.
"mumblesmumblesmumbles".. eh? i don't hear a thing. she repeats,"minat membaca?"
oohh.. haha. yups.. and she introduced a pocket version of La Tahzan book.. and the taaruf went on and on..

we're of the same age, but she's a newly wed just 2 months before. she's excited to know that i come from neighbouring country. she commutes everyday to sell food, to support her family. no chance of continuing her studies due to financial problem, but she seems calm and grateful with her current life. i don't know why, but discreetly i feel inferior to her. it seems like my education level, financial state and other worldly things are nothing compared to how He chose her, and she looked ridha and content with what she has right now. her serene face and sweet demeanor results in us exchanging phone numbers, bid farewell while hugging each other tightly, like we've known each other long before.

I reached my destination first before her.
and I alight the train with a happy heart because He, through the woman, just made my day..
As always  :)


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