Saturday, August 3, 2013


really describes her well.

meet Titania Aleta, a very cute and strong 5 years old girl.

though agak kurang ethical di sini because am mentioning real name of a patient, tapi nama dia comel :)

i first met her during my jaga malam shift in the emergency unit near midnight. so basically i'm the first person she met, taking her history and doing physical examinations on her. sangat comell. with her fair skin,  curly hair and sort of quiet nature and all. sangat tak menyusahkan orang.
after the oncall doctor checked her, she needs to be admitted for dengue fever.
 and i told my friend yg jaga ward that night, that i volunteer to do daily follow ups and p.e. on titania.

dia tak mengeluh sikit pun kalau nak wat p.e. kalau sakit pun, dia tak cakap (because nak cepat balik? tak bagus gak sbnrnye.huhu). tapi seriously, compared to many other kids yg suka nangis2, with her memg buat p.e.sungguh2 from head to toe because she let me. and her mom pun sangat baik.hari2 borak, and it will make the 'edukasi pasien' part easier because our conversations keep flowing, without being strained by positions whatsoever. but titania remains shy and quiet and just tenungg je if i tried making conversation with her.

about a week jugak she's warded. on her last few days, cam lawak la bila mak dia cakap "dokter2 pada cantik2 semua. titania mau bawa pulang satu."
that really made my day.
not the cantik part, but part bawak balik tuh. kalo bawak balik then nak buat apa? lawak betul la adik ni :P

after she's getting better, she's out from hospital, and i also ended my rotation week in ward and in charge on policlinic pulak.
while busy doing history taking and p.e.on other waiting kids, i hear familiar voice calling out. "dokter cantik.dokter cantik." memula tak pandang,then a person touched  me. ooh mak titania rupenye.
rasa cam sangat happyyy because she still remembers me. and i'm wearing mask kot masa tu because of flu. then i look for shy titania yg berdiri next to her mom. then her mom said, "titania yg nampak dulu dokter and remembered. she asked me to call you." haaa comel sungguh titania.
looking good wearing pink dress, titania salam n cium tangan, and we talked a bit. still malu2, but she smiled a lot.

she came for control after being warded, and she's looking her best and well again. sangat2 hepi :)

knowing her,
allah made me realize that if we do sincerely interact with people, ikhsan and amanah towards our responsibilities, we'll be enjoying it and allah will make it enjoyable for us.

don't ever hope for people's gratifications. human never satisfies others. it's only Him, that are the best rewarder of all.

wallahi, saya sayang Allah :)


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