Tuesday, November 20, 2012

for Ghazah...

def: Gaza.

my prayer goes to you. To us. To all Muslims in the world.

Jakarta's entering its rainy season.
I love rainy days.
but, do you, my brothers and sisters in Ghazah enjoy rainy days as much as I do here?
it must be chilly there. It's going to be cold season soon. Are you alright over there?

the other day my brothers and sisters, we talked about our ambitions.
we talk about careers, businesses, job opportunities, life years ahead.
we want to be specialists, we want to be owner of businesses outside our course of study, we want to  own properties, we want to many many things.

some are plain ridiculous.
like owning a ballet club and have quranic circle with ballerinas (apekah?), having a classical orchestra full of akhawats with one as a violinist or pianist, another as cello player, opening a cafe with one volunteered to be the baker and another wants to be the manager, and so many ridiculous things.
just like childhood times, where we imagine things and laugh back at our own idiotic dreams.
it's fun. because we rarely talk about our dream regarding careers especially.

but what struck me the most,
is how deeply we actually believe, confident and trust in Allah that Islam will be at the top again one day. (semoga keyakinan ni makin mendalam dan tak hilang).
when we think logically about businesses that we wanna do, careers that we want to have, it's different now talking about it compared to the time when we know nothing about tarbiyah.
as we ridiculously or logically think about our dreams or what we ought to do,
we always keep in mind about how it's going to actually help the ummah, what is the prospect of a job or a service when the population of Muslim (or people who support Islam) years ahead multiplies?
say, we wanna own airline company so that it's going to help our means for dakwah & tarbiyah. Because we believe that one day, the number of people in This Path will be a whole lot more than today. discounts for jaulah, further discounts for muwajih to travel. cute much :)

enough blabbering.
the point is, we, I deeply believe that Islam will be on top again one day.
be it in our time, or the time of our great great grandchildren.
for now, let's strongly do our part bearing this in mind because Abbasiyah wasn't built in a day :)

to my brothers and sisters in Ghazah, Suriah, Rohingya and all corners of the world,
though we might not hold weapons side by side with you defending the land of our ummah,
and our contribution might be small,
but I pray to Allah that these will be the bricks that will build again the era that we once had.
Let's put our trust solely in Allah's promise.
Let's be strong together, in the name of Allah.


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