Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the glass on shelf

a young woman entered an antique shop.

the owner greets her, like usual. "new thing came today. it is glass bottle. on the shelf there."

it's just an ordinary looking clear bottle. small, not bigger than the size of her palm.

the young woman asks," it's just an ordinary bottle. what makes it can be sold in this antique shop?"

the owner smiled. "true, it's just an ordinary bottle. but the bottle was from many years before, ages, but still not broken. that's why the bottle is here, on the shelf in antique shop."

the young woman innocently replied, "o0h. so there is actually a value for being not broken."


people, there is a value for being not broken.
though others or you yourself dont think much of your self,
there is actually a value in you, provided that you know that you're doing the right thing.
maybe people cant see it, but He is the best judge of all.
drag our feet, no matter how slow we are. but just dont break our selves.
pull ourselves together, till we reach the jannah.

quoted from Tsure ga Utsu ni Narimashite. 23 dec 2011.


adlan wafi said...

what's the meaning of "being broken"?

ferriangel said...

same as Julaib.. :)

itana said...

@ adlan: pecah. ada value kalau jadi gelas yg tak pecah.

@ n.a.n: julaib?

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