Sunday, November 6, 2011

pak polisi~!

def: police, policeman.The civil force of a federal or local government, responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order.

cynical smile appeared when reading this

the situation is true. It's the reality we're having here, in jakarta. i guess this doesnt limit only to jakarta, but most of the places that i've been in indonesia, the situations are very much the same. every police station will have a tv, intended for the visitor's entertainments, not the police, as they'll too busy caught up in their 'supposed' works. It backfires; since there's not too many people are coming to the station, hence the officers are the one who watched it.

it happens not only in stations, but also the guard's posts in many neighbourhood. compared to malaysia, many of neighbourhoods here will have a guard post at the entrance of the neighbourhood. very much for the residents' safety. guards will take shifts, and in my neighbourhood alone, there are more than 4 pakcik guard rotating the shifts every day. many of the posts will have tv installed. sometimes not only the guards will watch, but countless homeless citizen, and others that can’t afford to buy a tv.

Football @ soccer is very much frenzied here, compared to malaysia. just imagine, if jakarta team (persija) has a match with other team, then even it's still in the afternoon, buses with supporters clad with orange jerseys (prange is the colour for this team) are everywhere, singing loudly the team's song, complete with drums, guitars and other things that will produce sound. sangat meriah~! and everyone in town will know that jakarta will have a match dat day. if the live supporters pun dah macam ni, of course there are countless more will watch via tv. seriously, every people in shops, stalls, guard posts will have their eyes glued to the tv. no wonder waktu malaysia vs sini punya team haritu kontroversi macam2. mungkin sampai tahap taasub.


guardpost dpan pintu masuk taman

usual sights bila jakarta ada match

and this will make their 'amanah' in vain.
we're not talking about ethics anymore.
ini soal amanah, tanggungjawab, where you're given salary because of it.
gaji butakah itu?
kadang2 orang gelak je bila cakap soal gaji buta. tapi itu duit yg kita tak sepatutnya dapat kalau kita tak buat kerja. maksud saya di sini bukannya kerja main2, tapi kerja betul2, sampai kita deserved for that even 1 cent.
satu pencemaran mata pulak rasanya bila tengok. sebab this will affect other people. example: when guards are watching tv, pencuri sume boleh masuk rumah orang.
bila polis tengok tv, nanti dah malas nak layan orang yg datang wat report, wat dengar tak dengar je. key points pada masalah org tu nanti terlepas pandang. sangat tak bagus. problems are not solved. even kad atm hilang pun amik masa lebih sejam utk taip/ tulis report. should be masa yg dorang tengok tv tu boleh pakai utk training taip esei banyak2 kat typewriter/ komputer.

tanggungjawab kena buat betul2, amanah yg orang bagi kena jaga. kita akan affect orang lain. one thing leads to another.
above all, kita yakin ke rezeki yg kita dapat tu, kita deserved utk peroleh?
kalau bukan bos/ cikgu/ lecturer kita tanya kat sini, nanti kat sana Tuan kita pulak akan tanya. haaa lagi takut kalau tak tau nak jawab apa waktu tu.

"Sesungguhnya solatku dan ibadatku, hidupku dan matiku, hanyalah untuk Allah Tuhan yang memelihara dan mentadbirkan sekalian alam. " - Al-An'am: 162

p/s: recheck diri sndri juga nih. tak boleh main2. kalau tak, rezeki yg Allah bagi kat saya skrg, saya taktau nak jawab apa kat akhirat nanti utk apa saya pakai sume rezeki yg allah bagi tu.


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