Friday, April 15, 2011

caterpillars and optimism

mak called me.

a news about caterpillars attack that hit west jakarta (my residence) was published in BH yesterday (14th april). thousands of caterpillars~! i never knew bout that, though the site was not more than 1km from my house. still, alhamdulillah i didnt found any caterpillars around my house (maybe we're not eco-friendly enough since we dont plant any trees. huhuhu~).

at the time mak called, few friends were at my house. I told them the funny reason of my mom's calling. Some were shocked also, some laughed. "Cerita ulat bulu kat jakarta pun nak masuk paper kat mlysia :p" and some other funny remarks from them.

then another asked, with an innocent face,
" bukan ulat bulu ke yg akan jadi rama- rama nanti?"
some answered no, some other said yes. me, i'll go for a yes.
then i dont know how, but we just dropped the subject.

thinking bout my friend's question again and again, i'm amazed at how optimist she was. she doesnt look at the problem right now, but she's already visualised the future. how the caterpillar will becomes a butterfly one day. while everyone endlessly was too caught talking bout the caterpillars, she's already talking about the butterflies. i wonder how beautiful the world is in front of her eyes :)

i believe, (by sunnatullah) that the caterpillar will become a butterfly one day. since incik google stated that a caterpillar's metamorphosis to a butterfly only takes plus minus a fortnight, i seriously looking forward for the next few weeks to see butterflies sway gracefully around my neighbourhood :)

you changed how i view the problem.

and makes me anticipate more and more of beautiful days ahead.

jazakillahu khair :)

p/s: i once asked a classmate of mine, why she loves butterfly so much. she answered,"they simbolizes freedom, but also fragility." i couldnt agree more with that insight :)


najmu thaqib said...

looking through positive glasses made us see the world more colourful..^_^

bashuuuuu~ hehe..saje singgah..

AD said...

Was blog hopping. nice one~

* If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think of a negative thought*

but wait, banyak sgt ke caterpillars tu? XD

itana said...

salam alaik tiqah~~~ wahhh long time no see :)
yup2 sgt best sbnrnye bila jd org yg optimis ni. xde la risau terlampau :)
* teringat lg m.zain open your eyes tu* :)

@ AD: thanks for the quote :)
tgk dlm paper, byk jugak la kat tmpat yg kena tu. satu pokok tu penuh. huuuu~

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