Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the enemy of all mankind


a message received.
"boleh tak awak tolong akak. akak x dapat keluar.parents x bagi. Kak A mintak tolong bagi pengisian utk adik2 In** esok."

Gulp. (not Gulp at seven11 tuh.)

sms by sms replied and sent, A agree. still, without her parents' permission to go out.yet. but usually, her parents will allow it anyway. but what bothering A most is about the task she accepted. her plan: to tadabbur al-Muzammil with them. Hurm, seems that A needs to skype with someone so that she can revise the surah together with a friend. Time passed. It's already night. Online, online. then I called from cardiff. (whatever is she doing at cardiff dis time :P ) Allah, this is just in time~! but soon after, they didnt revise the surah at all. They talked and talked and talked, catching up after few months apart. but it's fine, as A feels her spirit is anew, back in track again after few days strayed because of the holiday mood. thanks to I, J and Al.

It's morning. Well, 10am. A just woke up. feeling shocked and nervous as she isnt prepared for the meeting that will take place on the evening. "Allah, nak pergi ke x nak? nak pergi ke x nak? Boleh je bagi alasan apa-apa kalau x nak pergi." and soon after, she felt her stomach aches. just a minor one, but will be a good reason for not going to the meeting. "At least i'll not lie since my stomache really aches." and plus, A didnt ask her mom's permission yet. Pray that her mom will not allow her, so she'll actually dont have to go. Good2.
All of this happens as A felt she's unprepared to give the 'pengisian'.
A texted kak A, telling "nak cakap ape nanti?" "takutla" "dorang ramai x? macam mana eh dorang", and so many2 questions. kak A calmly replied, "Takpe, Allah akan bersama2 awak". :)
A knows that her feeling is just whispers from the devil. She's torned into two. At one point, she nearly nod to the evil whispers. with an excuse, "takpe, weekend ni ada program lain.boleh pergi lagi nanti." Another part of her just know what is right, and what is wrong.

Awak nak ke biar syaitan tu menang? Awak nak ke disibukkan dengan membuka channel Axn, animax, hbo instead of disibukkan dengan kebaikan yang dah memang dioffer depan mata? Awak nak ke hari awak terbuang macam tu je?

With a heavy heart, A switch off the tv. Head upstairs. Swith on her lappy. Google and surf about al- Muzammil. (she left all her notes abroad.huhu). wrote some notes on a still-clean book. take rapid kl. ride komuter. meet kak A. ride to In**.

hari ni, A sangat gembira. Dia jumpa adik2 In**, bersemangat melihat mereka2 yang sudah terbuka matanya, sudah bersedia memikul beban dakwah. Kalau mereka semangat, A perlu lebih2 lagi semangat~! dalam perjalanan pulang, A naik unser bersama 3 kakak2. kakak2 yang sudah lama di jalan ini. suka mendengar cerita mereka. semuanya berkisarkan D & T. tiada yg melencong. Allah tak suka percakapan yang sia-sia. Ingat tu.

Above all, tak rugi pun kalau kita tak dengar cakap2 syaitan tu. Dorang tu jahat wo0~

"Berangkatlah kamu sama ada dalam keadaan ringan mahupun berat, dan berjihadlah dengan harta dan nyawa kamu di jalan Allah. Yang demikian itu lebih baik bagi kamu jika kamu mengetahui." -Surah At-Taubah, ayat 41.


Al said...

correction: a call frm Cardiff, not dabelin :P
Al thank you evenmoreee!!! miss talking to ya, n had a great catch up yesterday!! May Allah bless u as always :)

itana said...

1st Al's comment in my blog. hihi.
thanks Aliah :) yep2, will correct it soon :)

aliah zulkifli said...

first ke?? i thought dah banyak kali? hehee.. just so u knw, ur blog is one of my fav! :)

itana said...

haha. thanks again aliah :)

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