Tuesday, January 26, 2010

sense of belonging.

after quite sometimes, we think we're strong enough to face any challenges ahead.

"Here, try me." said the arrogant heart.

strong because we had face the worst that we think it was the worst that ever happened towards us. once bounced back up front, we think we're bulletproof. but we forget, that strength is with none but Allah. He is the most powerful of all. and He who gives us the strength to face whatever challenges that he designs for us.

today, my Creator had show me, that i wasnt strong enough after all. just a flick of incident, all things come back to me. feeling that my gut's welling up to my throat, i cant deny the fact that indeed, Allah is testing me again.

weak heart:

Hey, you're still missing your peeps. regret, regret, regret. dwell in this. get drown with your sadness. blame your fate.

strong heart:

be strong, be strong now. you belong here. remember, physical presence isnt important. you know that your heart's been tied with those around you because of Allah. that's more important than other worldly reasons. feel that you belong here, because you're been surrounded by many many people who love Him.

thank You, Allah.

once again, You save me.

thanks to you-know-who-you-are, through you, God has given me this realization. again. a reminder indeed.

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f said...

bashu awk ok kan? something happened? feel free to share if anything :)

oh. awk dah share pun kat atas ni :)

sayang dari jauh.

jiHAn 'aLYa said...

sayang kamu juga bashu,
bashu, feel free to contact me if u need something,
im here for u.
luv ya.

itana said...

@ mims: tenks cik mims. sayang dr jauh? haha.xpe. dkat di hati :P

@ jihan: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. yep2. saye memg akan cari2 anda kalo saye boleh :) be strong jihan, wherever u are :)

IkaZainol said...

"we think we're bulletproof"
nice one bashu =)
sometimes we keep reminding ourselves to be strong but we forgot to include Allah in it <3

itana said...

that metaphore comes into my mind just at d rite time. rindu lak nak wat EE literature :P
sure enough, should always remember that Allah is incharge of evrything :)

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