Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fure~! Fure~!

def: yell, cheers, tepuk sorak, etc.

imagine this.

between two groups, say group A and B.

for A,

they stand in line, they yell out loud synchronously. takbir and tahmid, threatening words towards their opponent.

when they finished,

the B group simply lining up, running towards resting-groupA, encircling them while running.

they make poses, they aimed at A group, cheering out loud while encircling A.

as a spectator,

it's obvious that the A group was stunned by  B doings, feeling entrapped by the surrounding B. what's more, their faces when B running towards them were precious.
by their action and reaction,
it simply seems like B has won against A.

then one said after watching the occurence.

"satu benda tu akan hebat (or at least nampak hebat) bila bergerak. dan kuat."

remember that.


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