Monday, October 17, 2011

minggu ini dalam sejarah

12.10.2011 (wed): demonstration at Malaysia's embassy, Jakarta Pusat. regarding the land/ border issue in kalimantan.

13.10.2011 (thrs): 6.1 richter scale earthquake in Bali.

14.10.2011 (fri): demonstration near our uni, because a village there will be evicted by the developer. we finished our exam around 10.30am, but still cant go home since we're instructed not to leave the campus. here's the news.

stuck in campus. alhamdulillah we finally can go home using alternative route (which is longer than the usual route)

Indonesia oh Indonesia.

tapi ini medan kami di sini.

strength is with none but Allah.

cheers :)


bashariah.basaruddin said...

Which road u took? Bukan village kamu kan?

itana said... memang kampung ala2 setinggan kat situ.
kite kene ikut jalan jauh sikit. but still dlm 15 minit camtu jek kalo jalan.cuma penat sebab kereta byk + sesak sbb org nak gi smayang jumaat time tu.

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