Friday, July 9, 2010

where's your feet?

plant them firmly on the ground.

True, the very ground that you step.
Because this is what we've been originated from.
The ground. The soil.
Not the fire, nor the light, impossibly the wind.

Who built your house?

It's him, the one that you sometimes minisculed, given sly look when you walk pass the construction site.

Who plant your veggies?

It's them, whom smeared with mud, whom you might think have lower IQ than yours, struggle each day to win the bread for the family, living a different world than yours.

We might say "euww", "urghhh" or whatsoever if we ourselves in their condition, stained with mud and dirt everyday.
We are no different from them.

"Dan sesungguhnya Kami telah menciptakan manusia (Adam) dari tanah liat kering (yang berasal) dari lumpur hitam yang diberi bentuk." (QS. Al Hijr, 15:26)

Be it we're an excellent student, normal student, weak student, a prime minister, a housewife, a construction worker, or anything, we're just the same in front of Him. The only thing that differ us is our faith and belief (iman & taqwa) in HIm.
It's undeniably fair, right?
Because we're not looking for the reward of the world (it's a bonus if we get it), but we're looking for the reward from our Creator. in the hereafter.
How cool is that :)

The next time you see people around you, "dont judge a book by it's cover" as the saying goes. It's not their appearance that will be look upon to, but their deeds.
Shame on us if we feel superior than them, just because we're more fortunate than them in terms of money.

Islam is beautiful, isn it? ^_^


aleewonka said...

certainly, without a doubt, Islam is indeed beautiful :)

jiHAn 'aLYa said...

so true this post =)

itana said...

@ aleewonka aliah: islam = syamil, kamil, mutakammil ^_^
(tanye mimy kalo x paham.hehe)

@ jihan jihe: timekaseh cik jihan :) smoga kita smua merendah hati & slalu ingat yg Allah tu lg Besar dari kita :)

najmu thaqib said...

saya suka ni basyu..^_^

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