Wednesday, May 26, 2010

open your eyes, will you?

again, from the alchemist (the book has become my favourite so far :D )

Early in the story, when the boy is still a shepherd, a flashback crosses his mind. he remembered the 1st time he mentioned to his father that he wants to become a shepherd so that he could see the world. In his world, a job that could travel most is being a shepherd. he ought to find the best grass, purest water to feed his sheeps. he goes around Spain to find a good grazing field. He had seen many castles and met many people. He can speak Latin, Spanish and even studied theology. The world was huge and inexhaustible, and he had only to allow his sheep to set the route for a while, and he would discover other interesting things. The only regrettable problem is that the sheeps dont ever realize that they're walking a new route every day. They dont see that the fields are new and the seasons change. All that they think about is food and water. "Maybe we are all that way," mused the boy.

It is an irony that the boy had travel to many places with his sheeps, but in the end, he's the one that learn many things (because he wanted to), but his sheeps never aware of happenings around them, and only think of food and water. After travelling to many places, it's such a waste if we're end up being just like the sheep. So many signs of His existence, His mightiness around us. But if we're too caught up in this small world of ours, we end up never realizing anything. Life has too much in store for us. Which leads us to find the truth. Him. Even a single step outside our door could make a difference, if we're aware of where, what, and why we're doing what we have in mind.

Just take sometimes to reflect on our ownselves, can we?

Mereka memiliki hati tetapi tidak digunakannya untuk memahami. Mereka memiliki telinga tetapi tidak digunakan untuk mendengar. Mereka memiliki mata tetapi tidak digunakan untuk melihat. Mereka ini seperti binatang ternak. Bahkan lebih buruk. Mereka adalah orang-orang yang lalai”, (Al A’raf: 179)


sahabiat said...

i love this book..
will read this one day insya Allah
(got lots more books in queue ;P)

..Sesungguhnya dalam penciptaan malam dan siang terdapat tanda-tnada kebesaran Allah bagi org yg berakal - 03:190

may He loves u more my dear

~aozora~ said...


itana said...

@ ijah: yup2. banyak lagi sebenarnya part2 yg best dalam buku ni. thank God we learnt malay A1 dulu :P
indeed, Allah is the greatest after all :) sayang along juga ^o^

@ asma': =D again. lama x dgr khabaq :)

Mitch said...


OMG this is so.... heart-piercing.. haha.. seriously true! I mean, we may have seen lots and lots and lots of things in our life. And by things I mean events that carry enormous lessons in them. It's up to us whether to let them all pass by in vain or we can do something about it.

thanks for sharing!

itana said...

sure helmi :)

there's so many things outside there, n He even grant us the 'aql'. what a waste for those who didnt think :)

p/s: hav a blast holiday :)

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