Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sharing happiness?

I think I'm learning it the hard way. Bits by bits.
People nowadays easily shared their happiness via all sorts of social media.
Too fast. No more loading photos. It's scrolling up and down the newsfeed nowadays.
But there are also friendly reminders to all us fortunate.

Don't upload your foodporn photos for many others are starving.
Don't share your steering wheel photos of your luxurious car for some don't even have a ride to tarawikh prayers in mosque.
Don't upload photos of you're being warded, for all you wanted to show is how expensive your hospital you're in.
Don't easily post your selfies for some are very inferior with how the world is judging them, therefore altering their self photos to look good for the eyes of human.
Please reconsider to put up your nice family photos in social medias or shared it with people outside your family members for, well.. some don't even have a family anymore.
Some were celebrating aidilfitri far from home.
Some just... Maybe wish they could have a family like that. Be a part of the photos.

I don't know where or when I had offended people or created unnecessary feelings by what I uploaded or share.
Please forgive me.


iman ka said...

feel like posting a longer comment, but I think I'll settle for, I agree :)

salam bashu,
lama tak jumpa.

Lincolnshire, UK

bashariah.basaruddin said...

hmmm i choose to half disagree. i believe the photos can inspire people!!!

Dewi Aja said...

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